Hello all and welcome to my Confections blog! I’m so excited to be here because there’s so much room for creative expression and to show a more in depth look of what I enjoy creating! Let me just say first of all, that the baking, pastry and confectionary world is HUGE!!! So I feel like a tiny little fish swimming in deep waters no doubt….However, I’ve come to realize that individual uniqueness is what it’s all about and I feel like there’s something special among us all to share among the crowd.  So this is an eclectic expression of Flavor, Love and Art from my point of view!

I’ve been reeling for quite some time on how to title this blog let alone my business, as my passion for this specific art expands farther than chocolates and the typical sweet known as a “confection.” But if you are to look up the word in a dictionary it’s not necessarily defined strictly as a sweet chocolate or candy. It is also defined as the act of mixing or compounding something or can be anything elaborately constructed. So this gave me room to work through the more broad spectrum of all things baking and pastry while staying relevant with the title!! Sweet! 😉

Alright now, for those of you who don’t know me, my name is Lauren Langer. I’m from a small, quant mountain town in Teton Valley, Idaho. Located at the base of the Grand Tetons, just over the mountain pass from Jackson Hole, WY.  Its absolutely gorgeous here and I’m inspired by my surroundings on a daily basis.  You get the best of four seasons and there’s just something about small towns and mountain living that bring such a sense of peace and friendly feelings in the air. The communities are tight nit and neighbors care for one another.  it’s so refreshing!  I live here with my husband and 2 boys.  I’m thankful everyday for them and surrounding family and friends and the opportunity to grow and make a living here in the valley.

This is just a quick introduction, you’ll be sure to learn more about me along the way. I hope you enjoy this and can take something useful with you. I’m here to share more of what I do to a wider audience and hopefully inspire or teach a few in the process. You will find lots of great recipes, photos and how to’s of my sweet creations and catch a glimpse inside why and how the designs come and the inspiration behind them. I’ll surely be learning and having lots of fun in the process! Thank you and Enjoy!

Published by lmel7

I'm a Pastry/chocolate chef passionate about creative expression, flavor, nature and the ever-expanding journey of life. With over 15 years experience in the baking and pastry industry, the trade, for me, never gets old and is constantly evolving! I love the work and strive to do my best every time, creating beautiful, edible works of art for everyone to enjoy!

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