Unique, Ethereal and sweetly inspired by flavor, nature, and design. You can expect a confectionary experience unlike any other.

Specialty Cakes

Whether you are celebrating a birthday or want a cake for a dinner party or other special gathering, these cakes are sure to please a crowd and each one is decorated with a special unique touch! Choose from any of the cake packages listed below or customize your own, the possibilities are endless. Let’s make the perfect cake for you!

Do you have special dietary requirements? We can tailor a cake just for you, using any dairy, gluten, sugar free and/ or plant-based ingredients available.

Everything is made to order using the highest quality and local ingredients. Orders are available for pick-up or delivery by appointment only.


All Specialty cakes are finished with a unique decorative touch. Message on top can be included at no extra charge. Note: Additional custom decorative work pricing varies on time and materials used.

6” round (up to 6 servings) $65 Double Barrel (16 servings) $150

7” round (up to 10 servings) $75

8” round (up to 14 servings) $85

9” round (up to 18 servings) $110

10” round (up to 24 servings) $150

12” round (up to 35 servings) $200


  • French style cups $8
  • Regular $6 ea
  • Minis $3 ea

The Flavors


  • Devils food cake
  • Cherry pate de fruit
  • Vanilla bean Swiss meringue buttercream

HUCKLEBERRY Cheesecake – A Taste of Teton Valley (seasonal)

  • Vanilla chiffon cake
  • Huckleberry compote
  • Cream cheese swiss meringue/ Mascarpone Vanilla cream
  • Graham cracker crust


  • Raspberry Beet Cake or Traditional Red Velvet
  • Cream cheese buttercream
  • Raspberry Pate de fruit( optional)
  • Toasted Cake crumbs


Layer upon layer of-

  • Vanilla Almond Joconde sponge
  • 60% Chocolate ganache
  • Espresso Swiss buttercream
  • Chocolate glaze


  • Vanilla sponge cake
  • Lavender infused simple syrup
  • Lavender infused vanilla bean buttercream


  • Flourless Chocolate sponge
  • Strawberry Pate de fruit
  • Mascarpone Vanilla Cream or Vanilla Swiss meringue


  • Carrot Chiffon cake (raisins/toasted nuts optional)
  • Vanilla mascarpone cream/cream cheese buttercream
  • Toasted carrot cake crumble
  • Coconut infused chiffon cake
  • Toasted buttery coconut crunch
  • Coconut Swiss buttercream
  • Sweetened coconut flakes


  • Chocolate souffle cake
  • 60% Dark chocolate mousse
  • Chocolate glaze
  • Chocolate curls


  • Angel food cake sponge
  • Lemon Curd/ fruit preserve (optional)
  • Vanilla bean swiss buttercream
  • White chocolate curls


  • Classic White cake or Chocolate
  • Vanilla/ Chocolate Buttercream
  • Confetti Nonperiel sprinkles
  • Seasonal fruits/fillings optional

German Chocolate

  • German Chocolate Sponge cake
  • Coconut and toasted pecan Filling
  • Swiss meringue buttercream


  • Chiffon cake
  • Yellow sponge
  • White sponge
  • Pistachio
  • Caramelized Hazelnut
  • Banana
  • Earl Grey tea Infused
  • Lemon Buttermilk
  • Pound cake
  • Devils food
  • Angel food
  • Flourless chocolate
  • Carrot
  • Red Velvet
  • Seasonal berries cake
  • Coffee cake
  • Coconut
  • Cheesecake


Swiss Meringue Buttercream Light, buttery and melt in your mouth frosting made with a Swiss Meringue. It comes in a variety of flavors like Vanilla bean, Milk chocolate, Dark chocolate, Coffee, Citrus, tea and or Liqueur infused flavors of your choice.

American style buttercream whipped to airy splendidness, this is a buttercream imulsion of powdered sugar, butter, cream and essence of vanilla that is best chosen for Cream cheese buttercream and/or plant- based and dairy free buttercreams

Citrus Curd Tart, sweet and so creamy, this is a filling that can be made of Lemons, limes, Grapefruit and orange citrus fruits.

Pate de fruit The perfect fruit jelly to complement your cake and buttercream. Available in seasonal berries such as Strawberry, Raspberry, Blueberry, Mixed Berry, Cherry and Huckleberry

Simple and sweet… There perfect single serve treat! Available in all cake flavors.

WEDDINGS and Elopements

These cake are built Tall! Which means double the layers and Love to best suit your memorable event! Wedding cake pricing starts out at $9/serving and customized to the flavors and visual inspirations you desire.


It’s important to know and taste the product you are to expect at your wedding or celebration, So we are happy to whip up a tasting of 3 cake and buttercream/fillings of your choice and have a meeting to discuss the details of your special occasion! Tasting box pick-ups can be arranged for $75 and a tasting with consultation is $100

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